Subal AX1/Z150-4K

SUBAL Provides a housing for the Sony FDR-AX1- 4K and PXW-Z150 - 4K cameras. The housing is very compact and it is possible to operate all functions of the camera in the housing on manual way. Also you have electronic lanc control or infrared via electronic remote handle. We have the Subal port system size 4.

Dome port and accessories shown on picture not included in housing scope of delivery!


Suitable for:
Sony FDR-AX1 Sony PXW-Z150

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Handle with LANC electronic

Handle with LANC electronic

120m Version

for undisturbed operations up to 120m depth. Stronger springs and other parts (Note: Higher press on push buttons)

Detail information:


The housing has full manual control, as well electronic LANC control via the handles.


It comes with the Subal port size 4. So all Subal ports in size 4 from our photo camera system are usable.

Vacuum system:

Air Lock Vacuum control system available, manual with pump and electronic control system via signal and green light.

The housing also has an inbuilt depth gauge.


LxHxW: 33x26x33cm

Weight 6,2 kg