Subal ND850LE for Nikon D850

SUBAL announce Limited Edition housing for Nikon D850 on honour of 100th years of Nikon.
Subal company exists and produces underwater housings since 1954. The first SUBAL housing for Nikon (F2 in SUBAL Uniflex housing) was produced in 1988, which made this year 30th anniversary of SUBAL housings for Nikon cameras.

SUBAL ND850 Limited Edition housing comes in special yellow color in combination with black color parts. Also some features are different - black aluminum wheels for zoom/focus gear, aperture, shutter speed control and black/silver SUBAL strap is also unique for this model.

With the SUBAL ND850 for the Nikon D850,  SUBAL offers Nikon cameras an aluminum housing for the latest development of the compact full frame.

SUBAL ND850 Limited Edition will be produced in only 30 pcs

Maximum depth: 80 m (120 m on request)

Weight: Approx. 2 kg (without port and accessories)

Weight in water: nearly neutral (depending on the port and accessories)

Dome port and accessories shown on picture not included in housing scope of delivery!

  • ((incl. 20% UST)

  • 4.788,- €

  • Export price

  • 3.990,- €


120m Version

for undisturbed operations up to 120m depth. Stronger springs and other parts (Note: Higher press on push buttons)

Special viewfinder

Choose from our viewfinder range – simultaneous order of a case. (excl. VAT)

Detail information:

Subal ND850 Limited edition housing provides access to all camera functions and buttons. The ergonomic SUBAL design and arrangement of all important elements of the housing will allow the camera very easy operation without leaving the handle.

Special hard coating protects the housing from any corrosion. Additional 3 layers of powder coating paint is applied to give the housing the SUBAL Limited edition color and unique finishing.

2 pcs of 5pin Nikonos bulkheads with electronic and hotshoe comes included with housing, also additionally can be equipped with optical LED and sync cord with SUBAL V3 TTL adapter. Cross lines on the back of the housing are also developed to make easier positioning of housing during split photography. Standard Viewfinder is also included and can be upgraded to a 45° viewfinder.


Suitable for:

Subal ND850LE Suitable for: Nikon D850