Harald Slauschek (Austria)

Bestellhotline:+43 / 7252 / 464240

Harald Slauschek is one of the most versatile underwater photographers in Austria. Besides the usual aspects of underwater photography from wide-angle to macro he also covers the underwater photography in the pool of high quality. His priorities are fashion, lifestyle and babies.He has gain an excellent reputation in  Austria through his activities as a photographer and competition organizer of workshops and events for underwater photographers. As world traveler Harald has already visited and dived many regions.As a member of the Austrian national team in the underwater photography,Harald takes part in official World Championships. Harald is workshop leader in Austria Nikon School for underwater photography, PADI "DUP-Digital Underwater Photography" instructor, organizer of the known UW-Photo Circles/UW-Photo gathering and co-founder/co-organizer of the largest German Underwater Photo Events, the uw-photo days at Attersee,in Upper Austria (www.uw-photodays.at). Harald is one of the few professional photographers to shoot swimming babies and capturing their first encounter with  water.