Montse Grillo (Spain)

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Home for Montse Grillo is Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain. She has always liked photography but it was not until late 2011 when she took her first pictures underwater that she discovered her passion for underwater photography. Just a few months later many of her photographs received awards in the world’s most prestigious underwater photography competitions. Eilat Red Sea shootout 2012, 3rd place in Wide-angle, Laups 2012 3rd place in Macro, Beneath the Sea 2013 2nd place in Marine Life and an Honorable Mention, 3rd place in Macro,Acqua 2013 1st and 3rd place in Wide-Angle, 1st place in Behavior, Subsurface 2013 2nd place in Wide-Angle, 2013 Ocean Geographic society 2nd place in Portrait,Ocean Art 2013 1st place in portrait, 3rd place in Marine Life Behavior.For Montse one of the most important awards was the "Smith Rice International Awards 2013" where she won in the category of "Ocean" and an Honorable Mention at the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science 2014 2nd place in Wide-Angle. Montse has dedicated many years to studying green turtles. She collaborates in the Canary Islands in a research project on these beautiful and amazing creatures and is also part of an association for the dissemination and protection of the marine environment "Big Blue".Montse’s images have appeared in Asian Diver, Espèces magazine, cover of Home the last book of Umberto Pelizzari Apnea, Unterwasser, Tauchen and many other internationally renowned underwater magazines.”My pictures are the result of my passion for underwater photography. When I take a picture, I always try to transmit a feeling to the viewer and let the picture tell a story. This requires much time and dedication on each occasion. It needed many hours and patience to catch the perfect moment. In most cases there is just one chance for the perfect picture and I prepare with my finger on the trigger. Everything correctly adjusted, waiting for that moment to arrive. Only Subal housings give me the confidence that when the time comes, everything will come out just the way I want “ I shoot with Canon EOS 7D and Subal CD7 Housing.