Alex Mustard (United Kingdom)

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Dr Alexander MUSTARD has been taking underwater photographs for 30 years and has worked as a full time underwater photographer for the last 10 years. His photographs have won many awards including, on five occasions, in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. In 2002 he won so many awards at the World Festival of Underwater Photography that the (French) organisers changed the rules so the feat cannot be repeated! His last book, Reefs Revealed, won the International Grand Prize for the best book of underwater photographs.His photographs have been displayed in exhibitions around the world and a particular highlight was personally presenting his work to Queen Elizabeth II. In 2013, Alex was named GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year for his image Night Moves. The first time an underwater photograph has won this prestigious award. Alex is a regular contributor to many publications in the marine, wildlife, diving and photographic media, and to date has published more than 400 articles. In particularly, he is a sought after writer on all aspects of underwater photography, particularly equipment reviews and technique articles. In addition to various features, he currently writes three monthly columns on underwater photography: IMAGES Column for Sport Diver (USA), Be The Champ for DIVER Magazine (UK) and Fisheye for Wild Planet Photo Magazine (UK), and contributes to the quarterly Underwater Photography Masterclass feature in Ocean Geographic Magazine (Australia). Alex has used Subal housings for many years. He says “Reviewing housings I have tried all the major brands extensively in the field. But I choose to use Subal for my own photography because I know their housings are constructed with ergonomics details that let me capture the shot when others fall short. And Subal have a build quality I trust when it is my reputation on the line, when I am on assignment.” Alex currently shoots with a Nikon D4 in a Subal ND4S, ND4 housing and a Nikon D7100 in a Subal ND7100 housing. His images are also regularly featured in other newspapers and magazines around the world. He was one of the commission photographers for the 2020VISION conservation photography project in the UK. Several major diving equipment manufacturers and national tourist boards are among his professional clients. One of the most unusual projects Alex has been involved in is Nissan's NV200 concept car built for the Tokyo Motor Show. The car was designed specifically around his needs as an underwaterphotographer working in the field. He is the inventor of the Magic Filters, filters designed specifically for available light underwater photography with digital cameras. He also runs highly popular underwater photography workshops at top diving destinations around the world.